You have decided to that now’s the time for you to move to your next career chapter. Perhaps the timing was forced upon you. Or maybe you’ve simply decided it’s time for something new. But before you start, here are several key elements for a successful job search:


In a job search, you are marketing a product and that product you’re “selling” is you. It’s difficult to look objectively about your own accomplishments and identify what a potential hiring manager will be looking for. Although you have great skills, you are probably not the best person to write your own resume.  It takes a specially trained individual who is up on what hiring managers need and want today. By investing in yourself, you will save money in the long run to get the job of your dreams faster.

Targeted resume. Your resume needs to highlight your background and accomplishments as it applies to prospective job target. No longer is a resume a historical record of your work history. Today’s resumes are customized toward your future goals.

Every resume I create is customized and uniquely you. I know how to select the important elements in your background and which ones to de-emphasize in order to put the focus on those elements that make your background desirable for your targeted position. I create a picture of your background that makes a hiring manager sit up and pay attention.

Cover letter. I am often asked about whether hiring managers read cover letters. The answer is: “It depends.” When I was in human resources, I would review the resume first, and if I was interested in the applicant, then I would consider reading the cover letter. But I worked with some hiring managers who would never look at the resume without first reading the letter.

 If you are asked to submit a cover letter, then you need to submit a letter. If you submit a boring form letter, you will certainly not do anything to advance you as a candidate to be interviewed. The cover letters I write for you will highlight your background and skills for the job. They tell a story that provides a little bit of your professional personality for the hiring manager. Don’t overlook this possibly valuable addition to your marketing package.

LinkedIn Profile. It’s been said that as much as 80% of jobs are filled by employers going directly through LinkedIn. While there is much more how LinkedIn can help with your job search (see additional coaching below), the first step is to have a profile that puts your background in the best light. You’ll see profiles of all different qualities. Most are written poorly. Have yours stand out from the rest!

Your marketing materials can be purchased a la carte or in a discounted package.


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Although I had your business card for a few weeks, I hesitated calling you until one day, I just felt inspired to contact you. Am I glad I did! After applying for literally hundreds of jobs this past year with not even one interview…after sending the résumé you created for me, not only did I get the interview, but I got the job! I feel that God inspired me to move forward and sent you into my life when I needed it the most. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
—J. Bloomfield, Asheville, NC


So, thought I'd brighten your day!  My new supervisor complimented my resume. She said she liked the summary at the top. She also commented that she wasn't positive that my background would've jumped out as a perfect match, but it was written in a way that highlighted my skills as a match for her needs. The resume you wrote for me did much more than any of those things, however. It changed the way I view myself.  It supported me, and gave me a confidence that I was lacking at that time. When I first saw your draft, I didn't immediately connect with it, yet I knew it was all truth. It grew on me, or I grew into it. By the time I walked into those last 2 interviews, I had a new confidence. Something deeper than just knowing I could do the job. I knew I was the right choice. That confidence, that knowing, attracted those jobs to me as surely as my credentials well presented.  It was both, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
—J. Everson, Bloomfield, KY


I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your help with my resume. It worked!!! I have had 3 interviews, a step I did not reach before. While I have not received a job offer yet, I know it is just a matter of time before I find a position that is the right fit. Your help with the resume made all the difference!
—L. McLamb Asheville


I have built my business through satisfied clients so I cherish testimonials. One of the most stand-out testimonials that was given to me was shared by a client I coached to help her with an upcoming interview.

This client told me later, that she had met a woman at a community event. Jen shared about looking for a position and was telling her about the "biz coach" who prepped her for the interview. The other woman mentioned how she found this excellent person to do her resume and that the résumé itself was highly complemented on in her interview. And best yet, she got the job in the end! In a few minutes, they deducted they were both talking about the same person…ME!