I went on my first diet when I was 16 and have spent the rest of my life seeking the answers to getting to that “perfect” weight. Typical of me, when I am interested in something, I research, read, and absorb enough knowledge where I feel confident and “satiated.” Frankly, I never achieved that with weight management. Just when you think you got the right answer, someone says you are doing it all wrong.

Despite doing everything I’m supposed to do, nothing seemed to work. There had to be a missing piece somewhere. There were many times I just wanted to give up my pursuit. But I decided to conjure up enough hope to try one more time to see if there was something I wasn’t doing, and went to see a PhD nutritionist.

Just as I started seeking advice from the nutritionist, I had a health issue crop up…I blacked out getting up in the middle of the night. Even in those first few hours and being in shock of what just happened, I knew I was lucky. It could’ve been much worse. It was a wake-up call because it has happened before, and I ignored it.

Fast forward 3 months … I have taken numerous tests of all sorts, some prescribed by my team of doctors and others recommended by my nutritionist. While some information is still not known, I now feel I have some of the missing pieces I have been seeking for such a long time.

The biggest ah-ha for me is the realization of how much stress has affected my health, weight, and well-being. And while we read and hear about stress, I want to shout that stress is a BIG factor for most of us. STRESS needs to be in all caps! I truly believe that my being in a chronic state of high stress for many years started a domino chain-reaction in my body.

I believe that stress has depleted my cells, making them unable to absorb the valuable nutrients from food, and thus preventing me from losing weight, but also in sleeping well, and being as energetic as I could be.

I discovered I was very deficient in magnesium. Magnesium? Who’d thought? Maybe it’s too dramatic to say that taking a magnesium supplement has changed my life, but it sure has gotten things going in the literal sense. After years of being stuck weight-wise, during the past 2 months after starting on this supplement, I not only lost weight, but more importantly, lost a significant amount of body fat. My hope has been renewed.

My personal library has quickly grown to include books on stress management, toxins in our environment, adrenal glands, cortisol, magnesium, and sleep problems. Although I was initially a skeptic, I have come to believe that the soil our foods grows in these days can no longer supply the nutrients we all need. Coupled with factors of the stressful lives we have these days, our cells and our bodies do not function as efficiently as they can and eventually this results in diseases.

Bottom line, I am on a new mission. I want to help others like me who have had health and weight struggles all their life. We are an instant gratification society and I wanted to see definite “proof” that something was working. I now see the results of not only the magnesium but of some of the other vitamins/supplements I’ve added. I see that they are helping my body at a cellular level.

And so, I have recently become a distributor for Market America (MA). I am excited about the supplements and weight loss products that have been a big difference in my life.  When I walked into the nutritionist with the few vitamins I was taking, my nutritionist basically laughed at my Sam’s Club calcium bottle. She cautioned me that if you are going to make that investment, you want to make sure it’s a quality product.

When I started writing this part of my newsletter, I realized just how passionate I am about this part of my life. As I mentioned earlier, we are not just one dimension. I will be adding a targeted article that you can read if this topic interests you. Being an adventurer and risk-taker, I have tried other non-traditional approaches to health which I also will write about.

If you want to learn more about my health journey, please contact me at jane@janefalter.com

In the meantime, here are two books I recommend…

The Magnesium Miracle by Caroline Dean

Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis

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