Are you looking for a job? With so many people looking for work and so few jobs available, the competition is fierce. Job hunting has never been something that people enjoy; but these days, the pressure is on and it’s difficult not to be brought down by your situation.  I totally get that!  But you don’t have to feel isolated and overwhelmed.

First, recognize the things you have control of and those you don’t.  The way to keep your confidence so that you come across confident to your future employer is to focus on the process, have faith and believe that you will rewarded for your dilgence and your perseverance.

Although I don’t own a GPS, I count on my MapQuest Directions and maps in order to help me get to where I’m going. Without these trusty tools, we may wander around aimlessly and arrive late or may even throw up our hands and go back home in frustration.

A job search without good pre-work and clear targets is very similar to that direction-less car trip.  That’s why it is so essential for you to have the relational support of a coach to get you to your desired outcome. You may find yourself very busy, but getting no where.  And although you may not want to take the time to program your GPS or pull out a map–you will reap the benefits in the end, by doing so.

I can hear the wheels turning in your head, you’re saying, “But I just want a job, any job.”  I understand, but do you really mean that?

I was sitting in on a workshop for unemployed people and one of the participants said that very thing.  Then almost in the same breath, she described her last job at a grocery store.  She got a job–but couldn’t stand the way the manager treated her and the hours she had to work.  In the end, she quit–so, she really did have job requirements.  Do you agree with me–that she had values of wanting to be treated fairly, wanted some flexibility in her schedule and she wanted to enjoy her co-workers?

What are your priorities? What kind of work environment do you want to work in? How about the schedule–day, evening–part time? List out as many particulars you can think of.  Then develop a plan on how to get there.  For example–how much time will you spend each day on your job search? who can you network with?  Could volunteering help you meet more people and/or gain needed skills? Do you have a resume that is targeted for your ideal job?

Don’t assume you have to settle for what you can get–call me or email and let me serve you with a session completely oriented to helping you find your perfect job.

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Although I had your business card for a few weeks, I hesitated calling you until one day, I just felt inspired to contact you. Am I glad I did! After applying for literally hundreds of jobs this past year with not even one interview…after sending the résumé you created for me, not only did I get the interview, but I got the job! I feel that God inspired me to move forward and sent you into my life when I needed it the most. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
—J. Bloomfield, Asheville, NC


So, thought I'd brighten your day!  My new supervisor complimented my resume. She said she liked the summary at the top. She also commented that she wasn't positive that my background would've jumped out as a perfect match, but it was written in a way that highlighted my skills as a match for her needs. The resume you wrote for me did much more than any of those things, however. It changed the way I view myself.  It supported me, and gave me a confidence that I was lacking at that time. When I first saw your draft, I didn't immediately connect with it, yet I knew it was all truth. It grew on me, or I grew into it. By the time I walked into those last 2 interviews, I had a new confidence. Something deeper than just knowing I could do the job. I knew I was the right choice. That confidence, that knowing, attracted those jobs to me as surely as my credentials well presented.  It was both, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
—J. Everson, Bloomfield, KY


I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your help with my resume. It worked!!! I have had 3 interviews, a step I did not reach before. While I have not received a job offer yet, I know it is just a matter of time before I find a position that is the right fit. Your help with the resume made all the difference!
—L. McLamb Asheville


I have built my business through satisfied clients so I cherish testimonials. One of the most stand-out testimonials that was given to me was shared by a client I coached to help her with an upcoming interview.

This client told me later, that she had met a woman at a community event. Jen shared about looking for a position and was telling her about the "biz coach" who prepped her for the interview. The other woman mentioned how she found this excellent person to do her resume and that the résumé itself was highly complemented on in her interview. And best yet, she got the job in the end! In a few minutes, they deducted they were both talking about the same person…ME!