Aging with Grace Retreat


In the beginning…

The idea of gathering a group of women to discuss experiences and challenges about aging literally found me. I woke up one morning and the idea was there. I knew it was something I just had to do!

Here’s what I knew from the start:

I wanted this experience to emulate my vision of today’s aging women: A sense of presence that illustrates a person who is comfortable in their own skin… exuding an aura of confidence, resilience, wisdom, and (of course) a sense of humor…


I wanted to include diverse women coming from different locations, learning together, sharing ideas, and tapping into their collective wisdom…

The Story About the Logo

As I was designing the details of my series, the image of a tree came to my mind as a great logo. I work part-time in a multi-generational environment. One of my co-workers and friend, Carlye Capron (a young gal of 24) has a lot of artistic talent. Here are the elements I gave her to represent in her tree interpretation:

“I see a tree as a symbol of growth (a tree of life), wisdom, and longevity. The roots are an important part of that growth because they provide a foundation for our future possibilities. As we deal with the struggles we encounter throughout our lives, surviving the cold winters and summer droughts, our roots become stronger. Leaves blossom, grow, and fall during the beginnings and endings of seasons…

They remind us of our opportunities to begin again.”


When Social Security was established in the 1930s, life expectancy was 65. With people retiring at 65, that didn’t leave a lot of time for people to worry about, did it?

According to today’s life expectancy rates, a 65-year old individual may live another 20+ years. Twenty years! In my research, I often saw that people refer to these 20 years as Bonus Years or our Third Chapter. 

As Baby Boomers, we find ourselves muddling through old cultural norms of what retirement and aging used to look like (think golf/tennis). We realize now that those images no longer work. We often find that what we envisioned is getting tiring and we want something different. We want a fresh look at how to spend what’s left of our Bonus Years. But what? How to begin?

I didn’t plan for retirement or my at all, let alone think about 20 more years. Did you?”


Imagine re-visiting this thing previously called “retirement” with a tribe of women in a supportive environment…

Before retiring, we may have left a cadre of easily-accessible people we could share many pieces of our lives. If your experience is similar to mine, that group of people has whittled down due to a myriad of reasons.

Of course, we can never replace our inner-circle of friends! But consider adding a diverse group of women with new experiences and new views to give you new perspectives for your life. You can explore fresh ideas and learn the possible land-minds to stay away from.

If this sounds appealing to you, read on about my Aging with Grace Retreat…

The Retreat series will include:

Facilitated Coaching & Learning.

The content will cover key issues we face in our Third Chapter. We will learn/re-learn tools and strategies that will aid us in our everyday life in the future. Some of the content will be pre-planned while others will be selected based on participant issues we are facing in real-time. Sample topics could include: 

Beginnings & Endings Worry Regrets Grief & Loss Family (enough said!)

Finding Balance Re-engagement Changing Direction Health & Wellness

Taking Actions.

Participants will consider areas of their lives that could be enriched, continued, or reduced/stopped. We will learn (or be reminded) how to set realistic goals and make plans to achieve items most important to them.

Building Community.

Our Retreat will be held in a respectful atmosphere based on trust, kindness, support, and celebration.


No need to pack an overnight bag!

The retreat will be held in the comfort of your own home—come dressed as you’d like. Connect by phone or a web-internet site. Find a place that is quiet so you can fully engage for an hour or so. Recordings will be available if you have a conflict and can’t be at the session live.

This supportive and non-judgmental environment will be designed for you to be your authentic self as well as explore new ideas and thoughts out-loud. Sessions will be led by Coach Jane—a seasoned, professional trainer, and coach (see below). Space is limited to guarantee that everyone gets the attention they need. 

A series of 1-hour(ish) sessions:

8 Community sessions (questions and assignments planned by Coach Jane).

2 Exploration Sessions scheduled at intervals (determined before Introductory Session).

1 Post-Retreat Exploration Session (a reunion of sorts!) — 4 weeks after last session to check progress, ask questions, and share learnings from our time together.

What is an Exploration Session? It’s an optional session (about an hour long) where each participant can come with a question or an issue.

So, tell me about Coach Jane…

Yes, it’s true this will be the first session of Aging with Grace, but here are some comments from folks who attended other groups I’ve run…

Working with Jane has been a very valuable experience. I liked the way she approached things from a spiritual/metaphysical/emotional vantage point rather than just a nuts and bolts, practicality position. After talking with her, I always felt more positive, hopeful, and energized after our sessions. For the first time, I have become much more open to what I want–versus what others expect me to do. 


Jane is completely tuned into the needs and situations of the members of her career clubs. Her insights and probing questions are relevant and useful in immediate ways and she leads me to those significant ah-ha’s that are often buried inside. It’s wonderful having Jane as a resource in my life. She is supportive and, at the same time, she challenges me to truly take action towards my goals. It is so helpful to be a member of her career club with other wonderful people who are all striving towards 

the same kinds of things I am—I never felt like I was alone.


I enrolled in this program during a transition in my life. There were many thought-provoking exercises that were invaluable in helping me to clarify what was next for me. An important lesson during this program was for me to be true to myself. This program helped me clarify exactly who I was and what I wanted. As I went through each of the chapters, I would make notes to myself. I now go back periodically and review what was particularly meaningful to me—so much insight! So many of the lessons I have now incorporated into the way I think and live.”


More About Coach Jane…

After my non-expected retirement (also called a lay-off) back in 2006, I pursued a dream I had to become a Life Coach. As I was going through the 6-month training to become certified, the initial focus I imagined was to help Baby Boomers re-create themselves and find a different career they loved.

As life often happens, that didn’t occur. During the 2007/2008 Recession, I got involved in facilitating Career Clubs. One focused on traditional employment; another for individuals who wanted to start their own business. Most recently my business has been primarily focused on writing resumes. 

After designing the workshop/coaching series focused on aging, I feel convinced there is a need out there. When I’m with my friends, we each have a unique challenge we are dealing with…the full gamut —health, family, and yes, even career issues are right up there on the top of our stress list. 

Here are some professional credentials you might want to know…I have 30 years of experience in HR management. I received my Master’s degree in my 50s—simply because I had always wanted a Master’s degree. My undergraduate degree is in Education and spent a few years as a teacher early in my career. Also, I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Resume Writer (ACRW).

Besides work, you might want to know that I have 3 grown daughters, 2 grandsons, and in a committed relationship with my “special-blend” pup named, Josie.

If you are new to me or would like to talk personally about my plans and hopes for this Retreat, please email me at for a 15 minute Discovery Session.

I am very excited about this Retreat and the benefits resulting from it.  I hope you’ll join me!

Are you ready to reserve your spot?

Due to the highly interactive format, space is limited. The fee is $150 for the 11-session package. All I will say is that the next series will be more expensive.

 Deadline to apply is March 2nd.  Days and times will be determined by surveying participants and session begin the week of March 16th. Sessions will run each week consecutively.